14th Chemical
Maintenance Company


U. S. Army Chemical Corps
World War II

T/5 David O. Meeker, Jr.
Taken Ensival, Belgium, January 1945
 Source: photographer unknown  

This website is dedicated to our father David O. Meeker, Jr., and to all his fellow soldiers in the 14th.  They served with merit in the United States with the 2nd Army, and in Europe supporting the 1st Army in its successful fight to help defeat the armed forces of Nazi Germany.  

Unfortunately, since 1945 the knowledge of who these men were and what they did has become scattered, forgotten, and even lost.  This website is intended to be the focal point for collecting what information and images remain, and for presenting them as a comprehensive record of these 'GI's.'  

This history would be much poorer were it not for the generous help of those listed below.  Our thanks to each of you.  To learn how you can contribute, please visit the Help Needed page.

-- Brett L. Meeker
    14th CMC Website Historian

-- Scott C. Meeker
    14th CMC Webmaster

Contributors Affiliation Contributions

Martin Brown


Secured the domain name and got it setup to support this site.

Bruce Elliott

Four-Deucers Webmaster

Advise on researching the 14th.

Bob Landers

14th CMC Soldier Descendant

Photos of and diary entry by his Grandfather Staff Sergeant Herbert Landers.

SecurePipe Communications, L.L.C.  

Internet Security Service Provider

Hosted the 14th website and generously waived its normal hosting fee for this non-profit endeavor, making it financially feasible.

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