T/4 Harold Andrews and 1st/Sgt Edward Crawford in front of 14th company crest, Camp Gordon, Georgia, October-November 1943 Unit History

14th Chemical
Maintenance Company


U. S. Army Chemical Corps
World War II

14th Company Sign and Soldiers
Taken Camp Gordon, Georgia 1943
 Source: T/5 David O. Meeker, Jr.  

Welcome!  This is believed to be the first comprehensive history ever attempted about the 14th.  It is very much a work in progress.  Contributions of information, including photos of people and places, as well as souvenirs, maps, official documents, letters, memoirs, stories, etc., that could help 'flesh out' the 14th's history, are both encouraged and welcomed.  To learn how you can assist in this effort, please visit the Help Needed page.  Everyone who contributes information and/or photos used on this website will be credited by name on the Contributors list.  Please help re-construct and preserve the memory of the men who served in the 14th.  Thank you!

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1942 Timeline

Covers 14th's activation, staffing, and initial training and testing at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

1943 Timeline

Army war games in Tennessee, repair of CWS equipment at various U.S. bases, final preparations and testing at Camp Gordon, Georgia, movement overseas, arrival in the United Kingdom.

1944 Timeline

Final training in England, landing at Omaha Beach in Normandy, advance across France through Paris into Belgium.

1945 Timeline

Advance into Germany, Meritorious Service Unit Award, end of war in Europe, return to the USA, assignment to Fort Polk, Louisiana.


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